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Creation of the association

Music for Hope Saint-Dié was created on April 26th, 1989 and affiliated to FIME in 1989.



President: Claude Blotas

Secretary: Alexandra Da Silva

Head office:

33, rue du Purgatoire

88100 Saint-Dié-des-Vosges


Phone number: + 33 (0) 3 29 56 39 57



Main achievements

The association's objectives are faithful to the spirit of the Music for Hope International Federation: "Music dedicated to Human rights, Peace and Youth".

The association:

- organizes five concerts a year;

- presents high-level artists and varied repertoires;

- works for the promotion of young talents;

- offers free tickets to needy people;

- invites people who are not familiar with this kind of cultural events (community centers in Saint-Dié get a group invitation to every concert);

- organizes, whenever it is possible, a free performance in retirement homes, schools or homes for the disabled before concerts;

- sets up rehearsals with explanatory comments in schools and master classes for musicians or singers.

Music for Hope Saint-Dié sponsors two associations in Bolivia (with financial support and equipment supplies):

- SOS Caïza, which works for the secondary school in Potosi (a city lying over 4000 meters above sea level);

- Madre de Dios, in Cochabamba, which only enrolls women and their children.

Extract from a letter received after our donation: "I met Sister Marie, who was very moved when she received the donation. She thought it a real miracle for which she had prayed to God over the last days. Thank you for making me your go-between, so that I can see the Sister's and the children's joy".


News: concerts by the association




- June 30 2013: Fuoco E Cenere at the Festival des Abbayes (Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France)

- September 23rd, 2011: the evening concert given by the Ensemble La Follia, an Alsatian chamber orchestra, gathered a numerous audience of music lovers. Earlier in the afternoon, 200 year-8 students from Jules Ferry, Wish, and Vautrin Lud secondary schools were invited to a rehearsal with explanatory comments.

- On Friday October 21st, 2011: within the Music and Peace, A treasure of Humanity FIME program, a concert was given by the Quartet for Peace for Jules Ferry Secondary School final year students.

- On Saturday November 26th, 2011: concert by the Voxpop vocal ensemble, a journey through secular and sacred Europe.

Musique Espérance Saint-Dié

.- On Friday February 12th, 2012: "Coup de cœur - Very young talents concert", with three young and very talented artists: Irène Duval and Léo Pierron-Mariller, violins, and Chi Kuan Fang, piano.

Concert Musique Espérance Saint-Dié

- On Friday March 30th, 2012: concert by "two superstars", Romain Leleu playing the trumpet and Thierry Escaich the organ.

- On Friday July 6th, 2012: during the Abbeys in Lorraine Festival, concert at Notre-Dame de Galilée Church by « La Roza Enflorese » Ensemble. The Belgian ensemble composed of six musicians from different musical backgrounds plays the Sephardic monodic repertoire. This combination of traditional and modern music is based on improvization as well instrumental techniques inspired by folk music.


- 29 de septiembre 2012 :


Program of concerts 2012-2013 in pdf


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